About the Pivot Companies

Thank you for your interest in Pivot (Pivot Realty & Investments, Inc. and its affiliated companies listed below are collectively the “Pivot Companies”). The goal of this page is to provide details on our family of companies and the different ways you may interact with them, as well as disclosures that may be relevant to you. The Pivot Companies shall disclose any and all affiliated business arrangements between the parties to sellers and buyers of real property at the outset of any real estate transaction.

Pivot Realty & Investments, Inc. DBA Pivot & Pivot Homes

Pivot Realty & Investments, Inc., a California corporation, is the owner of the website, https://www.PivotHomes.com, as well as any subdomains thereof. And does business under the names of Pivot and Pivot Homes.

Pivot Venture Group, LLC

Pivot Companies may act as principals engaged in the business of buying and selling real property for investment purposes. In addition to Pivot Realty & Investments, Inc., the company engaged in these activities is Pivot Venture Group, LLC, of which, principals of Pivot Realty & Investments Inc, have ownership interest.

Pivot Venture Group, LLC may advertise and/or present offers, including cash offers, to sellers of real property. Such offers may occur for properties whether or not currently listed with Pivot Realty & Investments, Inc. Pivot Venture Group, LLC may repair or rehab, and/or resell any real properties purchased, and for a potential profit. This entity is NOT licensed to practice real estate and does not offer or perform any services requiring a real estate license on behalf of anyone, but is solely engaged as principal in connection with real estate purchase and sales activity. As a reminder – any and all services requiring a real estate license are performed by Pivot Realty & Investments, Inc.. In addition, Pivot Realty & Investments, Inc. may provide brokerage services in transactions involving Pivot Venture Group LLC, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

No Legal, Tax, or Investment Advice

Pivot Companies do not provide legal, tax, or investment advice. Any published articles, blog posts, resources or other related material located on the Site is for informational purposes only. It has been prepared without regard to the individual financial circumstances and objectives of persons who receive it. Any references to other sources or sites is delivered “as is” and Pivot makes no representation or endorsement of any kind with respect to the accuracy of such information or its suitability for any particular use. Please seek the advice of an attorney, tax professional and/or financial advisor for guidance to properly evaluate particular investments and/or strategies.

No warranties are made as to the accuracy of any descriptions of real property listings offered by Pivot Realty & Investments, Inc. or Pivot Venture Group LLC.


Should you have any questions about the roles and activities performed by any of the Pivot Companies, or the status of any relationship you may or may not have with them, please contact us at legal@pivothomes.com.

Updated June 23, 2023

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